With seeds in hand

With seeds in hand and knowledge, let’s begin

To create a space of wonder

Of bud, of stem,

of visiting creatures

Growing a sense of companionship

with our surroundings.

To enable the collection of nectar and pollen;

essential for natural ecosystems to thrive.


To live among the flowers

It may be the scent, the hues,

the textures or the natural forms

The ingredients of a treasured dish

That will soon envelope the minds

of family and friends

when thoughts are of you.


Beginning with a seed in hand.


An exquisite selection of seeds by Settler Hives @settlerhivesĀ is being housed in the nook of LVL. Select from the seeds of Natives, Wild Flowers, Garden Greens, Herbs, Flower Nectar, Cut Flowers and Edible Flowers.

Seeds are sourced from top seed houses across the world, waiting to be grown organically. Create a space of wonder and experiment in handmade pots, hanging baskets, vertical gardens, window boxes, garden beds or antique treasures that will hold soil and drain water.


Writings by Belle of Little Village Lapland @littlevillagelapland

Visual care of Sabine of @_housefrau

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