The meditations

In sharing this recording, our hope is to expose the meditations of Little Village Lapland.

In support of individuals nourished by the harnessing of a sustainable passion and a curiosity. Exuding an inspiring melody; an agreeable arrangement of creativity, experimentalism, exploration and play. The treasuring and challenging of craft traditions, fused with an understanding and appreciation of materials chosen for expression. Their relationship with the natural.

All of this to offer a luminous tangible, a genuine and natural extension of the creator and of the acquirer.



Collaboration of Little Village Lapland x Gaby Dillon x Frenchy x Catman


Featuring Gaby Dillon, a maker and a constant of our photographs and moving visuals at Little Village Lapland. Gaby feeling serene, embosomed by one of our treasured vintage embroidered cotton dresses. Recorded in Gaby’s creative quarters by her love, Frenchy. Transporting sounds by Catman.

Super 8 film chosen to encapsulate the full immersion in one’s passion, the return to the wild and tranquil place – of the mind, the rituals that cleanse.

Further expression in the woven threads; venturing into the unknown, pathless landscapes opening up, challenging terrain to reach bliss.

The complete weaving, created from natural fibres by Gaby Dillon with features of botanical hand dyeing using eucalyptus leaves and onion skins, a luminous offering to remain with Little Village Lapland.

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