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Seeds by Settler Hives

ECHINACEA – purpurea magnus ‘Coneflower’

200 seeds per packet

hand assembled in Toowoomba, Australia. Origin: Holland

Echinacea is common in many herbal remedies

growing around 100cm tall

spectacular purple flowers


Settler Hives is founded by the backyard beekeeping couple, Hayley and Roger Mason. In support of their quest to help the hard working honey bee population survive, the pollinators of natural ecosystems, including the many fresh fruits and vegetables that nourish us. Encouraging the planting of more seeds, to live among the flowers and enable the collection of nectar and pollen, essential in the reproduction of plants.

Seeds are sourced from top seed houses across the world, waiting to be grown organically. Create a space of wonder and experiment in handmade pots, hanging baskets, vertical gardens, window boxes, garden beds or antique treasures that will hold soil and drain water.

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