Gold Earthen Ring with Yellow Sapphire


Gold Sculptor

One Australian Yellow Sapphire embosomed in 14ct Australian Yellow Gold; textural ring by Alice Tsakirakis.

It is as if the sapphire is revealing its precious self to you, through the rich, natural contours of the earth.

The Australian Yellow Sapphire, measuring 3mm, is protectively nestled within the warmth of 14ct yellow gold. This piece is created by casting the stone directly into the wax, meaning each piece is truly unique and therefore some variation will occur between pieces.

To request a custom size, please be in touch at Complementing picturesquely with the Gold Earthen Ring, which can also be discovered here.

Created by the exquisite mind and hands of our resident Gold Sculptor, Alice Tsakirakis. A Melbourne-based artist, nourished by the harnessing of a sustainable passion.

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