Journal du Thé, Chapter 2



Journal du Thé [JdT] is an independent publication, with a centre in contemporary tea culture. Experience the flow of unique viewpoints that stem from ones curiosity, bringing exciting interpretations.

Based on an idea by French artist Johanna Tagada. Design by Tilmann S. Wendelstein. Both gather content and edit each and every chapter themselves, on occasion with the help of guest contributors. Published by Poetic Pastel Press, London.

Intrigued by the the words of Johanna, as she articulates her thoughts in regards to this project:

In its liquid body, water borrows the shape of the vessel in which it resides. Like water, “borrowing” is what we do in the making of Journal du Thé; we borrow a language, English, which is neither Tilmann’s nor my mother tongue, we borrow a role, the role of the editor, one that is informed by the particularities of our respective practices. This distinct act of borrowing enables us to learn at a pleasant rhythm, while grasping further the multiple facets of contemporary tea culture, so that we may simply offer.

The recurring themes of water and the quality of transparency emanate from Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 features Takashi Homma, Yuy Tezuka, Tezuka Architects, Godai Sahara, Ichikawa San, My Cup of Tea London, SHOKKI, a Vietnamese tea house in rural France, Jochen Hotz, an essay on water and Japanese tea gardens, Leaves & Flowers, Mimi Jung, organic tea plantations of Ukiha, Nieves, Johanna Tagada, a diary of tea in Hong Kong, Momoko Mizutani, a coversation between Cécile Daladier and Nicolas Soulier, Seoyoon Kim, a special piece on botanical composition, Audrey Fondecave, an intimate journal of tea in Morocco, Olivia Fiddes, a manga, Kadish Morris, an essay on a feminist arts journal, tea and sound, David Edren, Jatinder Singh Durhailay and Simon Gooch.

With contributions by Takeshi Hayatsu, Tamsin Clark, Jatinder Singh Durhailay, Izumi Shiokawa, Yashima Ide, Henriette Noermark, Cécile Daladier, Nicolas Soulier, Sarah Gissinger, Eléonore Grignon, Yukari Tanihara, Akihiro Kumagaya, Tilmann S. Wendelstein and Johanna Tagada.


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112 pages

English texts

Advertising free

Format 21 x 28 cm

FSC certified paper

Soft cover / glue binding

Printed in Germany, Spring 2019

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