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Issue 6, HOT 2017

A cast of full spectrum characters for a big ol’ explosion of colour.

Stopped by two knitwear designers who are most definitely not afraid of colour (even though they are both New Yorkers, go figure): Gina Röckenwagner of Poppy + Pima and Lindsay Degen of DEGEN.

Caught up with Sam Barsky, intarsia connoisseur and bonafide breaker of the Internet.

A visit to NIDO in Argentina and Osei Duro in Ghana, for some on-location heatstroke and truly unbelievable clothing lines.

Ventured deep with the two lovers of indigo, visiting The New Denim Project’s facility in Guatemala City and gaining insight into the infinite creativity of fashion-turned textile design Gregory Parkinson.

Blair Stocker, wunder-quilter and author of the newly released Wise Craft Quilts also shared the story and the pattern for her wildly and colourfully tessellated Willy Loman Quilt (you are going to want to check that out).

Note for crafters: three knitting patterns featured in this issue of Knit Wit, along with the quilt pattern mentioned above.

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