Knit Wit Magazine, Issue 5



Hooked on this thoughtful and greatly inspiring publication, with its individual voice for the modern craft movement. Each issue is truly wonderful and well-informed; one we excitedly cannot wait to hold.


Issue 5, COLD 2016

Taking a decidedly Southern Californian approach to winter, the fifth issue of Knit Wit looks to the warm gold tones and deep dried flowers of the landscape. That cold, dry, somewhat crunchy feeling during the winter months.

Sunland-based weaver, Janelle Pietrzak, takes us on a hike near her house that perfectly encapsulated the feeling. Followed by a studio visit to see how her surroundings influence her work.

Karen Templer of Fringe Association shares her perspective on slow fashion and how we can all (and should) make the change as well.

Ace & Jig hosted a party for women in textiles in Los Angeles. A cozy gathering that epitomizes what this time of year is all about.

Visits to the studios of children’s knitwear designer Misha and Puff in Boston, dye-master Audrey Louise Reynolds in Redhook and rug-maker & video artist Alise Anderson in Oakland.

Catch up with Meghan Shimek, whose weavings of raw, billowing roving seem to be sweeping the creative world.

Plus, inspiring knitted editorials and an assortment of product pieces.


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