Maker’s Magazine, Issue 5: Home



Maker’s Magazine is a bi-annual print publication that celebrates creativity, craft and storytelling.

Each issue reveals a different theme, inspiring the golden array of contributing artists to wander the depth of their creative practice. A valued platform not only for showcasing an impressive collection of visual work, but for building meaningful dialogue around the human experience.

Independently published in Canada. Experience stimulating visual pleasure coupled with such honest, artful writing; simply transportive and challenging us to explore our own definitions.   


The fifth issue welcomes you into the most intimate spaces we know – our homes.

Rooted in the physical, emotional and spiritual, home is a relationship we share with the spaces that hold us. It is in the cracks of the floorboards and the soil beneath the apple tree. Home sees laughter, joy, tears, grief, change and growth. Embracing us as we unravel, and continuing to do so as we stitch ourselves back up.

The contributing artists explore home beyond the physical. Bringing you from the deserts of Arizona, to the forests of coastal British Columbia, to the saltwater of the Pacific. Painting windows of their home and inviting you to look from inside out. Talk of spaces past and present, old selves and new, fragments of memories, and forever homes in our bodies.

A peek at the stories that await you:

– Kalika Bowlby crafting a feeling of home through ceramics

– navigating the physical and emotional landscape of home with Mya Kerner

– Taylor Lee finding home in her post-anorexia body through painting and colour

– interviews with Satsuki Shibuya and Raphaëlle Gagnon of Boreal Folk

– Rachel Wong, Anny Chen and Lee Nowell-Wilson finding home in the company of people

– exploring home as a feeling with Lisa McLinden

and so many more. 100 pages of artwork and stories.


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