WAIST, Issue 3.5



WAIST is anyonegirl.com’s print project created by Yasmine Ganley and designed by Natasha Mead.

WAIST considers the ideas surrounding the female mid-section, both inside and out, exploring sex, movement, digestion and a woman’s GUT INSTINCT.

Volumised as 3.5, not a definite 4, this issue is a tangential idea – a personal ode to the beauty of Accident, Improvisation and The Subconscious. 3.5 utilises dance as a tool, not for performance but for wellbeing.

Created over four separate studio workshops, 3.5 explores primal stimuli and gut intuition through a language of movement and physical responses.

The workshops were documented through photography and 16mm film as part of the study.

Size: 265mm H x 200mm

Pages: 86pp

Interior: Black & White + Brown

Binding: Section Sewn, Linen Tape Spine

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