Resident:Lykke Wullf

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Lykke Wullf

The Uniform Designer

Lykke Wullf stands for the distinctive clothing worn by venturous individuals. The daily uniform has been re-imagined by founder and designer, Jemma Swatek. Creating with nature’s fibres, cottons and linens, it is about ease of movement and creating silhouettes appreciative of the natural form. With each collection, Jemma masters the oh so cool and by cool one means more

Jemma grew up in Denmark and is currently settled in Los Angeles, California where her LA-based line is designed and sewn. Intriguingly, Jemma studied environmental science and sustainable agriculture before finding her way to learnings of knitwear design. At the core of Lykke Wullf is an adoration for nature, drawing from the American Wild West, Danish fishing villages and the mystical beauty of the desert. Environmental awareness and responsible manufacturing is of high importance to Jemma.

Lykke Wullf invites us to keep a considered wardrobe of the high quality and the timeless; garments that wear better over time. As the years collect, we can take pleasure in a wardrobe collection that holds meaning and is a record of our experiences.