Resident:Michelle Ross

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Michelle Ross

The Metalsmith

Toronto-based creative Michelle Ross is masterful with sculpting metals into tangibles of heirloom quality that simply become a part of the individual more

Michelle’s study of textiles at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, followed by her learnings at the London College of Fashion, led her to creating garments wholly out of jewellery. Michelle holds an understanding and appreciation for her chosen materials; exploring and experimenting mostly with brass, semi-precious stones, vintage findings and freshwater pearls. Each tangible is handcrafted by Michelle in her studio in the distillery district. She is passionate about seeing the making process through from source to luminous tangible.

Her alluring melody is one of being organic in her methods in concert with taking a more mathematical approach, with intricate patterning that unites like the parts of a puzzle. Reflective of Michelle’s truly distinct perspective, each tangible provides a longevity ever blooming across seasons.